It's Your Calc

8Calc is the Most Beautiful Calculator in the AppStore for a Simple Reason: It’s Designed by You!

Yours, Truly!

Colours, Shapes, Fonts, Borders, Shadows. Every Single Button and View. Your Way.

Math Parser

World Class Math Parser and Editable History Field for Optimum Power and Unprecented Flexibility.


It's Your Alarm

User-Choice of Date/Time, Sound, Wallpaper and AutoForward & Locked iPhone Stop & Snooze Notifications; No PIN!


AutoForward Has 2 Options: Periodic [Every Hour, Day, Week, Month,..] and Selective [Every Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat and/or Sun].


40+ Sounds with Different Durations, from 1 Second to 28 Seconds; Be Alarmed for Each Occasion to Suit its Mood!

Your Timers

StartTimer [Launch Default]; QuickTimer [Touch & Go]; RunTimers [Pre-Defined]; WatchTimer [Set & Go]

Foreground / Background

Foreground (active) Alarms and Background (behind Home or Lock screen) Local Notifications; Set & Forget, 8Timer Alerts You on Time, Every Time.


Pre Alarms

2 Pre-Alarms for Gradual Alerts Prior to the Main Event. Ideal Where Pre-Warnings are Valuable: Parking, Interval Sports, ..

8Timer Watch

Watch Timer

Local WatchTimer, Set Hours & Minutes, Start,/Stop/Resume & Reset, Progress Bar, iPhone Sounds and Mirror.

Remote Control

Manage All iPhone Timers: Start, Quick & Run. Start/Stop/Resume & Reset on the Apple Watch.


ForceTouch Shows Start, Quick & Run Timer Menus; At Your Finger Tips!

Your Wonders

The World Has Its Wonders; 8Wonders Captures Your Wonders. Simple, Intuitive, Fast; Record Your Wonder While You are Enjoying the Experience (or Later).

Where Am I?

Automatic, Super Fast Location Finder Upon App Launch or ‘Find Me’ Anytime. Location Map View, Longitude and Latitude Shown in Seconds.

Capture the Moment

AutoName, AutoLocation, Auto DateTime and Immediate Access to Camera or Photos Library, Record/Play Audios & Videos Captures the Wonder of the Moment, at the Moment.

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