8Notes 3.2 Live on App Store

V3.2 covers the following enhancements: - New Notes Table Row Sliding Menu with Edit and Delete. - Notes Table Footer (so the + button does not overlap last note row) - New Tags Icon Table Alphabetical Index (quick access to tag icon category) - Additional 31 Tags and...

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8Cat 1.2 Live on App Store

GAME PLAY: 8Cat is a physics puzzle game. Tapping/touching objects on the screen (cat, blocks, springs, seesaw, picture, etc.) will move or remove them (most of the time!) and their movement or removal from the screen will impact the other objects. Sometimes, the...

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8Apps 2.0 Live on App Store

8Apps V2.0 is a major design and user experience update. 1. Apps Table * Floating (+) Add Button * Floating Sorting Menu (By Title, Developer, Series or Installed) * Search Now Includes Series (in addition to Title and Developer) * Row Right-to-Left Swipe Menu Now...

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