It's Your Calc

8Calc is the Most Beautiful Calculator in the AppStore for a Simple Reason: It’s Designed by You!


Use Red, Green and Blue Sliders to Colour Every Single Button and View; Unlimited Colours, from Rainbows to Palettes, Your Way.



Shape Your Keypad Buttons from a Square to a Circle, and Anything in Between, Individually, in Groups or All.



Change the Font and Font Size of Any and/or All Buttons and Views. Formal, Funny, Squiggly, Moody, Small, Big, Extra large; It’s Yours.

Borders & 3D Shadows

Change Buttons Borders & 3D Shadows Colours and Widths to Add Depth and/or Definition.


Group 29 Buttons and Views in Any of 9 Groups and Apply Your Designs to Individual Buttons, Groups or All.

Math Parser

World Class Math Parser and Editable History Field for Optimum Power and Unprecented Flexibility.


8Calc ‘philosophy’ is that the user knows best how they like to see their calculator and numbers! No more 3rd party themes. 8Calc allows you to design your own calculator button colors/colours, shapes, fonts, borders and shadows, either individually, in a group or all. 3rd party themes are yesterday’s design, yours is today’s!


What’s in it for Me?

  • Design Your Own Calculator by choosing (almost endless) combinations of colors, shapes, fonts, borders and shadows.
  • Unlimited Creativity 8Calc puts few, if any, restrictions on your imagination, offering virtually unlimited combinations of colors, shapes, fonts, borders and shadows, not only for every individual button but also the display & history fields and background.
  • Enjoy Your Calculations When was the last time you actually enjoyed or been thrilled using a calculator? Cannot remember; yep we too. All calculators look and feel the same, even with fancy themes. 8Calc looks and feels how YOU want it to look and feel, and you can change it’s look and feel whenever/wherever/however you like. You may find yourself calculating simply to enjoy the experience!
  • Express Your Uniqueness Like a finger print, there is no other calculator like your 8Calc, simply because it’s a reflection of your individual unique imagination. Your tastes and/or moods change, 8Calc changes with you. It’s always yours, and only yours.
  • One, Many or All You can assign each button attributes or group buttons sharing colors, shapes, fonts  borders and shadows or apply your choices to all buttons at once. So powerful and convenient.
  • Quick Changes You can change each button/group/all attributes (colors, shapes, fonts  borders and shadows) and immediately apply your choices to one/group/all buttons at once.
  • Powerful Math Expressions as 8Calc uses a well-known math parser ‘engine’ at its core. Virtually any math expression entered in the History text field can be evaluated, whether or not it’s symbols exist on the current keypad.
  • Simple, intuitive and speed-oriented operations supported by a ‘minimalist by design’ approach. The focus is on design simplicity. An elegant design usually fronts a sophisticated and reliable programming within the technical framework.

What’s So Special, Anyway?

  • 8Calc offers a unique User Customizations of button colors, shapes, fonts, borders and shadows, either for an individual button, a group of buttons or all buttons. As far as we know, no other App Store calculator gives you this powerful flexibility; most just sell you packaged themes (which could be just fine, but packaged themes are not your designs).
  • 8Calc utilizes a powerful Math Parser; represented in the ‘History’ text field just under the numbers display label (top of screen). As you type your numbers and operators, they are copied into the History text field. Once done with your express, touch the ‘=’ (equal) button, which triggers the MathParser evaluation of the History field expression. If all is well (the expression is valid, mathematically), the the result appears. If the expression is not valid, then an ‘Error in Expression’ message appears instead of a result.
  • 8Calc has a Dynamic History Text Field; just under the numbers display label (top of screen, mentioned above). The History field can be edited by the user directly (in addition to it being dynamically populated by the user actions on the keypad). This translates into total flexibility as the user can simply type the expression directly into the History field and evaluate it. This offers unlimited possibilities as the Math Parser will evaluate any expression in the History text field (regardless of how it was populated).
  • 8Calc V1.1 provides a MultiTap Copy feature, where touching the ‘=’ button will copy the result in the Display Label to a NEW History TextField. Also, touching any Operator (+-*/) twice will copy the Display Label value to the EXISTING History TextField. So, if after ‘=’ the result is 1,234,567,890.02 and you need to use this value for subsequent calculations, then touch ‘=’ again and the value will be copied to the History TextField, so you can follow with an Operator and continue.
  • 8Calc offers 3 Calculators : 8Calc, which acts much like any algebraic calculator (like Apple’s) with operator precedence (1+2*3=7), RPNCalc, which uses the [return] key and RPN stacks ([return]2[return]3[return]*[return]+[return] = 7), and SimpleCalc, which evaluates expressions left to right as they are entered. 8Calc is the most widely used calculator framework, RPN appeals to academia and Simple appeals to users who still prefer traditional (physical) calculators.

8Calc Quick Tips

8Calc: Design Your Own Calc! 8Calc allows you to customize every single button; change any button’s’: Background and Text Colors/Colours, Shape, Font Style and Size, Border Color/Colour and Width & Shadow Color/Colour and Depth.

  •  Buttons (setup Buttons to Groups relationships, which allows Group-wide changes), then
  •  Colors/Colours (setup background and text colors/colours), then
  •  Shapes (setup shapes from square to circle) and finally
  •  Fonts (setup font style and size).
  •  Borders (setup border color/colour and width)
  •  Shadows (setup shadow color/colour and depth)

Go back to 8Calc view and review your masterpiece!

  • Labels and View : The top section of the 8Calc view is a label and a text field:
    • Display Label (current number)
    • History TextField (all prior numbers and operations).
    • View Background will color 8Calc background.

    Display, History and View use the same Colors menu engine. So, (almost) infinite combinations of Red, Green and Blue. You can start here: ..

iPhone6-Plainand end here..iPhone6-Filledor here..8Calc iPhone6 QuickTips

  • Everything you touch on the keypad appears on the Display Label and then transfers to History TextField. Once done, touch the ‘=’ button and the History TextField mathematical expression will be evaluated. If valid, a result is displayed. If not valid, an ‘Error in  Expression’ is displayed. Labels use the same Color and Fonts menu options as Buttons.
    • Math Parser: The History TextField is evaluated by a powerful Math Parser, which is triggered when you touch the ‘=’ Button. The Math Parser follows the recognized operator precedence rules (parentheses, power, multiply/divide then add/subtract). You can edit the History TextField directly by toucing inside the field and typing your expressions, then touch anywhere outside the History TextField. Refer to Help for more info.
    • Special Buttons: C will clear Display Label, AC will clear Display Label and History TextField, left-arrow will clear last History TextField entry, +/- will reverse Display Label value sign and % will divide Display Label value by 100.
    • The ‘=’ Button: “=” normal function is to display the Math Parser evaluation of the History TextField. If you touch it twice, it will transfer the Display value to a NEW History TextField (as in using an interim result to continue operations)
    • MultiTap Copy: Operator (/*+-) touched multiple times will copy the current Display Label to the EXISTING History TextField.

    Explore, Enjoy & Share Your Experiences!

8Calc Slide Menu

  1.  8Calc: 8Calc is the main app calculator, based on a powerful mathematics parser and adheres to operators precedence. It performs just like Apple’s native calculator. So, the expression 1+2*3 will evaluate to 7 (2*3 is 6, then added to 1).
  2.  RPNCalc: RPNCalc is based on the Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) structure and logic; it does not have an equal sign. So, the standard expression 1+2*3 will be entered by the user as 1 [return] 2 [return] 3 [return] * [return] then + [return]. RPN applies * (multiplication) to 2 and 3, then + (addition) to their result (6) and the first number 1 (adhering to operators precedence rules). The final result is 7 (just like 8Calc).
  3.  SimpleCalc: SimpleCalc is based on the traditional calculators logic; it evaluates expression from left to right as they are entered. This may appeal to users who prefer the manual (physical) calculators experience. So, the standard expression 1+2*3 will be evaluated as 1+2 (interim result 3) which is then multiplied by 3, with a final result of 9.
  4.  Buttons: Buttons consists of 2 tabbed views (bottom of screen): Buttons and Groups. These views allow you to build relationships between buttons and groups, assigning any of 24 buttons to any of 9 groups. That’s plenty of grouping options. Once Buttons are assigned to Groups, you can customize all the Group Buttons in one go: change the group colors, shapes and fonts with 1 touch. As you experience 8Calc more, you are going to love this feature! it is powerful. The switch-overs between Buttons and Groups is done by touching the bottom tab bar icons. This may need some time to get used it, but after a few times, you will (hopefully) be used to it and fly thru it like a breeze.
  5.  Colors/Colours: Colors allow you to customize each 8Calc button background and text colors. There are no known limits, as you use 3 color sliders: red, green and blue, to make any color you want. The sliders changes are reflected in real-time on a sample button and their values are shown (for reference, so you can record your favorite RGB color values while you experiment and have fun). Once satisfied with your choices, select whether to apply the colors to a Button (selected in the picker wheel), or the Group of buttons the shown button belongs to, or for all buttons. Then touch Apply, and navigate to 8Calc to see your ‘masterpiece’ painted in its glorious colors.
  6.  Shapes: Shapes allow you to customize each 8Calc button shape. This is done by changing the corner radius of the button, where you can go from 0 (a square) to the max number (a circle). Now, due to different sizes of iPhones and iPads, you may need to experiment a little with this as the sample button may be slightly different than what you may see on the 8Calc keypad (except for radius 0, a square). Once satisfied with your choices, select Button/Group/All and touch Apply switch.
  7.  Fonts: Fonts allow you to customize each 8Calc button font text and size. Move each slider and watch the sample button changing font and size. Once satisfied with your font and size, select Button/Group/All and touch Apply switch. As some buttons have more than 1 character (e.g. the ‘AC’ and ‘+/-‘ buttons), if the size you choose is too large, it may be presented as ‘…’. If this happens, come back to Fonts and down-size that particular button to fit inside the button shape. This is more fun than can be explained in written text. Try it.
  8.  Borders: Borders allow you to customize each 8Calc button border color/colour and width. Move each slider and watch the sample button changing border color/colour and width. Once satisfied with your border color/colour and width, select Button/Group/All and touch Apply switch.
  9. Shadows: Shadows allow you to customize each 8Calc button shadow color/colour and depth. Move each slider and watch the sample button changing shadow color/colour and depth (offset). Once satisfied with your border color/colour and depth, select Button/Group/All and touch Apply switch.

8Calc Setup:

  1. Buttons: Buttons can be assigned to Groups. This link makes it much easier to customize 8Calc using groups of buttons collectively, rather than each button individually (which is also possible!). An example could be grouping all Digit buttons (0, 1, 2,..9) in Group 1, all operator buttons (/ * + – =) in Group 2, all clear buttons (C, AC, left arrow) in Group 3, and so on.So, when you change the color/colour, say, of a Digit button, you will have the option (but not the obligation) of changing the color/colour of either that specific digit button, all the buttons in the group of that digit button, or all buttons (regardless of grouping). This is a powerful feature of the App, giving the user (almost) total control.Start by touching Buttons icon, touch ‘Set Button Group’ and then select a Group (1 to 9). Touch Buttons icon again and select the next Button, and so. Once completed, touch the Groups icon and check that each Group has the correct Buttons. Adjust as needed.
  2. Colors/Colours, Shapes, Fonts, Borders & Shadows: This is where the fun begins, and never really ends. By default, 8Calc buttons have white background and green text. The simplicity is astounding, but, you may prefer otherwise. So, before you start ‘hammering’ at the keypad and testing the Math Parser out of its glory, ‘colorize’, ‘shapize’, ‘fontize’, ‘borderize’ and ‘shadowize’ your 8Calc.
  3. Quick Test: Once done customizing, and you have forgotten it is just a calculator not a stunningly creative masterpiece, add 1+2*3/4 and check against Apple’s (or your other, currently favorite) calculator. Then, add a few parentheses, change sign, change percentage, clear things, etc.

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