Your Wonders

The World Has Its Wonders; 8Wonders Captures Your Wonders. Simple, Intuitive, Fast; Record Your Wonder While You are Enjoying the Experience (or Later).

World Wonders

Pre-Installed 7 Wonders of the Old World & 7 Wonders of the New World. You Can Add Your Photos, Audios and Videos to Each Wonder or Hide/Delete if Desired.

Where Am I?

Automatic, Super Fast Location Finder Upon App Launch or ‘Find Me’ Anytime. Location Map View, Longitude and Latitude Shown in Seconds.

Capture the Moment

AutoName, AutoLocation, Auto DateTime and Immediate Access to Camera or Photos Library, Record/Play Audios & Videos Captures the Wonder of the Moment, at the Moment.

Notes, Audios & Videos

Unlimited Text Notes to Record Your Feelings, Impressions and Insights. Unlimited Audios & Videos to Record and Play the Sounds and Sights of the Moment (or Later).

Share the Moment

Share Your Wonder Photos and Notes with Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, ..) and/or Mail & Other Apps Integration, Based on Apple’s Upload Actions.

Colorful Tables

Color You Wonder Table Rows to Suit Your Mood. Endless Selection of Colours, Hue & Saturation Options.


There are 3 main tool bar options:

  1. Where Am I:locates your position automatically and allows quick addition of a new Wonder, with name (or optional AutoName), coordinates (latitude and longitude), address/geo location, map view and unlimited photos/images from the Photos library albums or Camera.
  2. Wonders: Add, Edit, View and Delete Wonders. Standard operations: Touch top menu right-hand ‘+‘ to add a new Wonder, or top menu left-hand ‘Edit‘ button to delete one or more Wonders table rows. Touch the table row right-hand icon to edit the selected row timer time duration. Touch the Wonder icon or name to view the Wonder. Swipe left on the Wonders table row to delete the selected Wonder.
  3. Settings: Contains World Wonders options to show/hide and delete, as well as Inline Help (this view).


  1. The App comes with 7 Wonders of the Old World and 7 Wonders of the New World pre-installed. For each World Wonder, the name, coordinates (latitude and longitude), map view and general info text are already added. You can choose, in Settings, to show/hide the World Wonders as convenient or delete them permanently if desired.
  2. Start adding Your Wonders in Where Am I; the launch view. The app automatically detects your location upon launch (and hence auto-generates the Wonder coordinates and address notes) and you can either enter your desired Wonder Name or ask the app to AutoName (date/time stamp) the new Wonder (nice if you want the fastest possible capture of the moment, as you can always go back and Edit the name later).
  3. Once the Wonder is Saved, the Photos and Camera icons are activated and you can add unlimited number of Photos and/or Camera snapshots to the Wonder.
  4. The Wonders table view then allows you to Edit or View your Where Am I Wonders (or Delete them if you change your mind). You can also manually Add a new Wonder, by providing the Name (or AutoName), coordinates, notes and photos/images. For each Wonder, you can elect to keep, add new or delete any of the library Photos and/or captured Camera photos.
  5. The pre-installed World Wonders (Old and New)can also be edited (name, coordinates and notes) and also to add/delete photos/images. The Wonders table view shows different icons (images on left hand side of row) for Old, New and My Wonders for easy visual identification.
  6. Settings impact the pre-installed World Wonders. You can select to show/hide them in the Wonders table view or delete them permanently.
  7. The Where Am I: Add your Wonders for all your memorable moments and experience (e.g. travel, nature, buildings, monuments, parks, scenery, sunsets, sunrises, etc.). There is no limit; the world around us is full of Wonders!
  8. The Wonders table view lists all your Wonders, where you can select a table row Wonder, then view the selected Wonder. The View Wonder will show Wonder Name, Coordinates (latitude + longiture), map view, notes and all the photos/images linked to that Wonder.


  • Fast launch of Where A mI view with quick AutoName (if needed) and immediate access to the Photos library or Camera to ensure the Wonder is captured seamlessly and effortlessly with speed and flexibility.
  • Wonder essentials are covered: name, coordinates (latitude and longitude), notes (with default address/geo location) and endless photos (pre-stored in Photos, or captured by the Camera).
  • 14 World Wonders (Old and New) pre-installed, and you can add all the photos/images you like. If you need less ‘clutter’ in the table view, you can simply hide them. If you do not need them at all, you can delete there records.
  • Wonders table view has a Search Bar allowing fast access to specific Wonders directly. As you enjoy the App and the world is full of Wonders around you, the table will soon have many Wonders and the Search Bar will become handy and useful. It also shows different icons for each type of Wonder (My, Old and New World).


  • 1-Touch Where Am I launch, AutoName and Save of your Wonder is the fastest capturing method, simplifying the capture process and preserving essential information.
  • Flexibility of Wonder photos links. You can add/delete photos in Where Am I, Add and Edit views, hence either ‘in the moment’ or later when convenient.
  • Safe guarding your photos, as the Photos library is also updated with the app Camera captured images. If the app photos are deleted for any reason, they can be recovered from device Photos.
  • Total flexibility as you can add, edit, delete and run new Wonders effortlessly, and with minimum keystrokes, from a central table view.
  • Real-time Settings updates offer ‘on the fly’ customization; for example: you can show or hide Old and/or New World Wodners, the settings immediately reflected on the Wonders table view
  • Simple, intuitive and speed-oriented operations supported by a ‘minimalist by design’ approach. The focus is on design simplicity, not over-crowding the screen with ‘bells and whistles’. An elegant design usually fronts a sophisticated and reliable programming within the technical framework.

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