8Wonders V3.1 is a major design, technology and user experience update!

App General:
– Universal App: iPhone and iPad
– New Icons Theme
– New Colour Theme (white text/light green background)
– New Spotlight Search
– New Keyboard Manager (for easier text entry)

Where Am I:
– New Media Icons
– Better Layout

Wonders Table:
– New Wonder Icons
– New Wonder Tags
– New Add Floating Button
– New Sort Floating Menu (by Name, Tag or Notes)
– New Row Layout (Name, Tag and Notes Extract)
– Row Tap/Touch Launches Edit/View Wonder Screen

Add Wonder:
– Optimised Layout
– New Media Icons

Edit/View Wonder:
– Integrated Edit and View Modes
– New Tag Pop-Up Selection Menu
– New Map Icon (launches full-screen map view)
– New Media and Spotlight Icons
– New Collection Photos View
– New Carousel Photos View
– Displays Number of Photos/Sounds/Videos (when present)

– Add Multiple Photos from Library or Camera
– View Thru Edit/View Screen (2 Views: Collection and Carousel
– Collection View Shows Photo Thumbnails in a Grid (select to view large photo with options to share via Social Media or Delete)
– Carousel View Shows Photos in Large Views (scroll left and right)

– New Sounds Media Icons

– New Video Media Icons

– New Sections: Setup, Support and Socially Yours
– Setup: World Wonders (show/delete), Wonders Table Colours (change hue/saturation) and Spotlight Maintenance (remove spotlight search by tag or all)
– Support: Website, App Info and Credits
– Socially Yours: Blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Performance update:
1. Table to Edit view is now faster (the retrieval of number of photos, sounds and videos, which is a bit time consuming depending on numbers, occurs after Edit view is displayed)
2. Edit to Collection view of photos will show a spinner while loading the photos (the Carousel option is a bit faster)

Explore, Enjoy, Share!