8Alarm 2.1 offers more UI enhancements:
1. New Colour Theme
2. New Alarms Table Floating Sort Menu (sort by Alarm Name or Date)
3. New Alarms Table Filter Menu (filter active future-dated alarms only)
4. Next View Removed (now covered by Table Sort)

8Alarm is part of the 8Apps series of elegant simplicity in app design. Written in Apple’s advanced Swift language, offering practical functionality, with a simple yet effective design, catering for real-life uses of alarm-based activities.

Design Concepts
– User Driven Setup: Every aspect of each alarm is defined by the user; you. Set the alarm date/time, select the sound (including Loops & Cycles), wallpaper and AutoForward (Periodic or Selective). Once setup, manage your alarms with intuitive Start, Stop, Skip or Snooze, foreground and background (Stop and Snooze via Notifications; no PIN).

– Adaptive Configuration: Every alarm attribute (date/time, snooze, sound, wallpaper and AutoForward) configuration can be adapted to changing circumstances. Easily change AutoForward from Periodic to Selective or the duration of sound foreground loops and/or background cycles.

– 8Alarm can manage unlimited alarms simultaneously, but each alarm has its unique attributes (‘settings’) that you can set individually. For example, for each alarm you can setup its own Wallpaper (background image), Sound with foreground loops and background cycles, and AutoForward, with periodic (every hour, day, week, etc.) or selective days (every Monday, Thursday, etc.).

– 8Alarm AutoForward is a unique feature that allows repeating alarms. Periodic can be set every 1 to 12 cycles of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, quarters and years intervals. Selective Days can be set for any or all days of Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri and/or Sat.

– 8Alarm Sounds (40+ sound files) come with different duration (from 1 second to 28 seconds), allowing a long duration for wake-up alarms and a short duration for repetitive alarms. Each sound has its own Foreground Loops (continuous play) and Background Cycles (AutoSnooze, where the alarm is played every 30 seconds for the number of cycles).

– 8Alarm Wallpapers allow you to add a different background image to each alarm, if desired. You can naturally opt for ‘None’ (a simple white background) if you prefer.

– iOS User Notificatios Center will show all alarms notifications. An important 8Alarm feature is Notification Actions: Stop or Snooze; when an alarm is triggered, the notification will show 2 options: Stop and Snooze (on Lock or Home screen). Stop will cancel the alarm and, if AutoForward is on, move the alarm date to the next date. Snooze will add specified minutes to the alarm date, and re-trigger the alarm afterwards. Both options are accessible even when the iPhone screen is locked (as in early morning; no more ‘fumbling’ for the PIN or small icons when you are half-asleep).

– Total Flexibility due to alarm individual settings, where you control the date/time, active/inactive, sound (with foreground loops and background cycles), wallpaper (from a variety of background images or none), and AutoForward Periodic (every day, week, ..) or Selective (Mon, Tue, ..) options.

– Beyond Wake-Up coverage of all your alarm needs due to unlimited alarms, where each/any can be set individually. Typically, alarms are used for wake-up calls, but 8Alarm extends this functionality to any alarm-based activity. Basically, any alarm can be setup for any occasion on a periodic or selective basis.

– Gradual alarm sequence convenience, either by manual Snooze setting or AutoSnooze 30s Sound Background Cycles. This is ideal in the mornings, where ‘light’ sleepers need only 1 or 2 alarms while ‘heavy’ sleepers may need more repeating alarms. The alarms Cycles can be reset/cancelled when you wake up simply by touching ‘Stop’ on the local Notification actions (no PIN!).

– Simple, intuitive and speed-oriented operations supported by a ‘minimalist by design’ approach. The focus is on design simplicity, not over-crowding the screen with ‘bells and whistles’. An elegant design usually fronts a sophisticated and reliable programming within the technical framework.