8Flags joins the 8Apps suite (as #33) of productivity apps sharing the same elegant simplicity design philosophy. 8Flags is a simple reference to world flags but also has a game aspect for lighter moments.

– 250+ Flags. The Flags table shows micro-icons of flags, but the detail Flag view displays a high-resolution image (a bit sharper when iPhone/iPad is in Landscape mode). The Flags table view is sorted by flag name.

– Flag Codes. The flags are coded by their 2-letter ISO-3166 country code, except for the constituent countries of the United Kingdom (GB) which have 6-letter codes (GB-ENG, GB-NIR, GB-SCT, GB-WLS).

– Flag Names. Flag names are based on the built-in iPhone/iPad ‘Localized Name’ attribute related to the 2-letter ISO-3166 country code.

– Guess-the-Flag Game. A simple game: you are shown a view header of a flag name and 3 flag images. Tap the image you think relates to the flag name. A pop-up shows if correct/wrong with a simple score underneath.

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