Hi, I am Mazen Kilani. I worked at multinational companies like D&B Software, PeopleSoft and Oracle for most of my professional career. My last employment role was as a Senior Principal Technical Support Engineer at Oracle, one of the world’s leading software companies. Academically, I graduated with a B.Sc. and M.Phil. degrees in Electronic Engineering from the University of Sussex, UK.

I spent 18 years at Oracle/PeopleSoft, and, among other responsibilities, became a Coach on Knowledge Management and Oracle Diagnostic Methodology. I achieved an IC5, the highest technical grade level at Oracle, with focused determination to provide world-class service to Oracle/PeopleSoft customers.

I carry my commitment to excellence to my new ventures. I currently have 30+ apps and games on Apple‘s App Store, 2 eBooks on Apple’s iBooks Store and 2 courses on Udemy.

I bring to my products (apps, courses and books) extensive experience and a renowned passion for sharing knowledge, with sophistication and comprehensiveness masquerading as elegant simplicity. Explore and enjoy. All the best.