8Alarm 2.1 with UI Enhancements

8Alarm 2.1 offers more UI enhancements:
1. New Colour Theme
2. New Alarms Table Floating Sort Menu (sort by Alarm Name or Date)
3. New Alarms Table Filter Menu (filter active future-dated alarms only)

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8Tunes 1.0 Hum, Share, Discover, Guess!

Hum a tune then add some clues (genre, region, period). Upload to public cloud to share; a copy of your tune will also be saved to your device. Other users will add suggestions for which song/music they think the tune belongs to and review your correct answer.

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8Swift 1.2 with Discover Notifications

8Swift V1.2 Introduces Discover Notifications.
– New Settings: Discover Notifications (when you subscribe, 8Swift will send you notification of new uploaded Tips. You can unsubscribe anytime).

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