8Notes 4.3 with Optimized iCloud Operations and UI

V4.3 Enhancements to Private and Public Cloud Operations: o iCloud & Discover Upload Optimisation (Much Faster Now!) o iCloud Compare Device to iCloud Icon Management (If Result is Zero Records, the Icon to Display Titles is Not Shown) o iCloud & Discover Cloud...

8Books 4.3 with Optimized iCloud and UI Enhancements

V4.3 Expands iCloud Functionality and Enhances UI. o iCloud Query/Clear/Upload/Download Beyond Default Max Limit of 100 (see Screenshot iCloud 117 Books!) o iCloud, Discover and Books Table Views Now Show Seq No of Book within Total Books o Books Table New iCloud...

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year to all who downloaded and supported 8Apps; Thank you!
Mazen Kilani 8Apps
Mazen Kilani 8Apps
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